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A social responsibility

Piber Group is based in Voghera (PV), the production sites are all in Italy, in the provinces of Pavia and Alessandria, between Lomellina and the heart of an area called Oltrepo Pavese, mainly of an agricultural and tourist character.
The small park with lake at the Piberplast factory has been the destination of frequent visits by herons and other birds, which find water, food and shelter from onlookers and hunters for more than 50 years.

The Piber Group promotes and supports numerous initiatives aimed at protecting natural resources, such as the project aimed at encouraging a correct disposal of packaging at the end of its life cycle the direct production  of energy from renewable sources and the use of environmentally friendly pallets.
Furthermore Piber is a founder member of CONAI (National Packaging Union) and of COREPLA (National Union for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging Waste Products).


Piberplast SpA obtained the EcoVadis Gold Medal in recognition of the results achieved in sustainability. Thanks to these results, the company is among the 5 percent of companies rated by EcoVadis that have achieved the best scores. This assessment examines 21 CSR aspects, grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.


In order to guarantee the sustainability requirements of their products, Piberplast and Stamplast have certified themselves according to the new ISCC PLUS standard, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, which allows companies in the supply chain to monitor and demonstrate the sustainability of their products through the control of requirements. sustainability, traceability and mass balance of the entire system.


Stamplast and Piberplast have obtained the PRS Green Label recognition.

The partners of the Green Label network create a sustainable network of environmentally friendly producers, converters, transporters, warehouses, traders and distributors.

PRS collects and, if necessary, repairs the pallets and delivers them to the next customer.


A duty, an engagement

After a pilot initiative alongside Montell in the recovery of post-consumer packaging, since 1993 Piber Group has managed the Piberecycling project independently, which has ensured the recovery of post-consumer packaging in a historical moment in which sensitivity towards the environment was not yet widespread, especially in the Collective Catering sector, with particular regard to the recycling education of compulsory school children, involved personally in the initiative.

Piber Group has therefore developed a positive response to the problem of the environmental impact of plastic packaging since the 90s of the 20th century. This commitment has in fact materialized with the project that involved the separate collection of disposable dishes and dishes used by the communities. The industrial plant managed over 500 canteens for 10 million meals a year and allowed the recycling of approximately 600,000 kg / year of plastic material aimed, in the past, at increasing the flow of municipal waste destined for landfills. This environmental impact reduction activity earned Piberplast the “Eco Efficient Company 2000” award from the Lombardy Region and the Institute for the Environment, presented during the Meeting Meeting Ambiente 21 in Milan.


Respect and sustainability

Piber Group Lampografica division, always sensitive to environmental issues, undertakes to implement and assume all the legislative conditions and regulations in this regard, to adopt a precise and rigorous standard, universally recognized.


An environmental management system describes the processes, procedures and resources through which the company carries out its business, as well as the organizational structure itself, and has the aim of guaranteeing constant control – and where possible an improvement – of connections of production, and of production systems, with the environment.
An in-depth analysis of all the company processes gave rise to a “radiography” of the company, and allowed the compilation of a real environmental manual, where great attention is also paid to raising awareness of the staff employed. In fact, training meetings are planned on environmental issues in order to acknowledge and welcome what is a social responsibility.

Piber Group Lampografica division has chosen to certify its products as FSC® products to consolidate respect for the environmental, social and economic interests of the world’s FSC® forests.

mq panels
kwh produced
per year
kg of CO2



The choice to support the production of energy from renewable sources leads to a significant reduction of pollution caused by energy production and it helps to preserve natural resources.


One hectare “grown” of photovoltaic panels is one of the largest installations providing energy from renewable sources. With an area of approximately 11,500 square meters, the photovoltaic installation of PIBERPLAST in Voghera began operations in December 2008, it is the largest in the province of Pavia and the second in Lombardy.
Piberplast solar installation can provide about 700,000 kWh per year and, above all, allows the source, the energy producer, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of around 420 tons.
The peak power available is up to 567 kWp.
From February 2011 the photovoltaic system of the Lampografica Division is online, the peak power is 93.6 kWp.
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Piber Group actively works towards safeguarding the environment also thanks to the use of environmentally friendly pallets.

Piber has joined the innovative project aimed at putting into practice the resolutions established by community policies regarding green procurement and green supply chain, particularly focusing on:

– reduction of weight and volume of packaging and of waste products
– the protection and restoration of forests and of biodiversities
– reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
– non-polluting systems of transport.

The environmentally friendly pallets utilised by the Piber Group are certified in conformity with the “Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes” (PEFC).