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Piber Group offer innovative and complete solutions for the food packaging. Our catalogue contains a wide range of cups, tubs, glasses, cutleries, trays and lids, for ice cream, frozen food, desserts, cheese, as well as thermosealing machines for foodstuff. Piber Group can help the customer step by step in the development of a new product, from the design to the packing details and to the accomplishment of a food packing production line.

Piber Group and workplace safety

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Christmas closure

Shutdown period Piberplast, Stamplast and Esbe Italiana: from 23/12/2023 to 01/01/2024.

All customers are kindly asked to inform us by 12/12/2023 about their production requirements for deliveries foreseen until 05/01/2024.

If you would like deliveries during the Christmas closure period, these need to be pre-booked and won’t be feasible during the days of traffic interdiction.
All deliveries related to production requirements provided after 12/12/2023 cannot be guaranteed before 12/01/2024.
Should you have any production or delivery requests over this period please don’t hesitate to call us.
Kindly Regards.


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