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FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification is the most credible international solution for forest management that can guarantee positive impacts for forests, the market and people. It is in fact a certification system that ensures that the raw material used to make a product in wood or paper comes from forest sources properly managed, in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

A company certified for the FSC® Chain of Custody can demonstrate, through the use of the FSC mark on the product to be part of a processing chain that supports the protection of forests, ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

The FSC® certification that a company such as Piber Group S.r.l. Lampografica division boasts (FSC-C167103), attests its belonging to a material control chain that goes from the forest to the last link of the chain before the final consumer.

The membership of the FSC® network identifies an environmental responsibility: the woody resources of the forest are used according to a natural rhythm, in accordance with a certain rhythm of regrowth, respecting a certain density of trees, cutting the plant at the right time, replacing it if it is a species that does not grow back alone, with a particular attention to the needs of local populations. The awareness and attention to the environment by the customers have increased: through the use of certified papers or any product derived from wood according to FSC® standards, demonstrates the commitment of the customer and the company to grow an ethical, responsible system properly managed. Lampografica has chosen to certify its products as FSC® products, available on request, to enhance its reputation in terms of respect for the environmental, social and economic interests of the FSC® worlds’ forests.