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Founded In 1982, PIBER GROUP S.r.l. is the company of the Piber Group that, through its centralised activities of trading, commercial, administrative and financial services, co-ordinates the actions of the various companies of the Group, planning a stable and regular development in a global view.
In particular Piber Group carries out:

Financial advice services
– acquisitions and mergers;
– transfers and hive-off;
– joint-ventures;
– research of new fields of investements.

General advice services and facility management for the companies of Piber Group such as:
– administrative economic services;
– cost analysis in comparison to the activities done;
– human resources (HR) management and assistance in the relations between companies and Syndicates, Institutes, Public Administrations (Councils, Provinces, Regions);
– support services for quality, health, safety, environment (HSE) and security;
– graphic services with a staff of creative specialists, acting in cooperation with customers and/or agencies, characterised by a consolidated experience in packaging decoration technology, working with special IT hardware and specific graphic software;
– logistic services.

Trading services for the companies of the Piber Group such as:
– research and purchase of raw material;
– technical assistance in production phases;
– research and development of innovative know-how;
– promotion of the Piber Group products;
– development of the distributed products range;
– sales and after-sales service, through a net of offices in Italy and in the world.

The organizing structure of Piber Group allows the companies of the Piber Group to have both the typical benefits of small companies, such as flexibility and rapidity of decision, and those of big companies, such as know-how and technical equipement.


  • Management
  • Sales Dpt
  • Accounts Dpt
  • HR
  • ICT Offices

Information and Comunications Technology

The success of a company depends more and more on the Information Technology infrastructure. An internally managed IT service is to be considered a strategic choice capable of guaranteeing the survival of the business in the case of unforeseen events, with easy adaptability and rapid response to current needs, offering maximum value at extremely low costs and thus allowing significant savings in financial resources.

Business continuity objective
Sometimes it takes very little to trigger a series of reactions that have a negative impact on a company’s ability to do business.

A lightning bolt , a virus, a spyware program installed by a distracted user, the interruption of a voice or data transmission line, are all typical examples of events that can happen at any time, without notice.

The inability to communicate, internally and externally, is paid dearly and can have devastating effects on the normal activity at all levels of the company.

Nowadays all the activities of a company depend more and more on a single factor: the ability to communicate.

Communicating no longer means just talking on the phone with someone else or sending a letter by ordinary mail, but also transferring information, data and carrying out operations that apparently do not seem related to information technology or telecommunications.

The Information & Communication Technology (I.C.T.) department of Piber Group manages the information infrastructure of all the companies of the group, in particular it deals with the phases of design, implementation and maintenance of hardware, software, telecommunication and security systems.

The operational area of the I.C.T. includes a wide range of interventions, from maintenance to hardware and computer software supplied, to the management of privacy issued, corporate security, business continuity, disaster recovery, web development, ERP / MRP and software development.

The I.C.T. department includes a highly motivated team of technicians, with extensive experience in the sector, able to meet the growth and business continuity needs of the group’s companies.


Piber Group S.r.l.
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