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FROM 1960

The Piber Group

From 1960 today GROUP PIBER has crossed all the typical steps of a continuous and balanced growth, until assuming present appearance a of group of medium dimensions, highly diversified and of international breath. The Piber Group S.r.l. with headquarter in Voghera (PV), is the holding that controls the other companies of the Piber Group.

The history of the Piber Group starts in Italy, thanks to three founding brothers. It is the amazing adventure of a family that was able to turn-around a small craft-based company into Italy’s most important group producing injection moulded plastic containers for food use.

Piberplast was established in 1960 in Pontecurone, a small town in Piedmont on the border with Lombardy. It was an unregistered company and its premises measured only 100 square meters. The owners were also employees, their capital was just their strong desire to experiment always new solutions. The company began its work by injection moulding small plastic containers for pharmaceutical and food products.

In 1962 Piberplast produced the first containers in crystal polystyrene with a polythene tear-seal closing system for Mostarda (a fruit in syrup preserve) of the following companies: Ligure Lombarda, Sorini, Sperlari, etc. In that period, one could easily feel the excitement of an overwhelming transformation destined to culminate in the famous economic miracle. The plant grew and, in 1968, reached 3,000 square meters of built-up area at the new Voghera factory.

But the thing that most impressed the Company’s managers was always to see the gradual sense of development and the great objectives aimed at in a collective, shared manner. The type of production too was increasingly evolving, arriving at a high level of specialisation. It was the first in Italy to produce (since the 60s) multiple hot-channel moulds for rapid moulding – without any riser – of jars and small cups. Likewise, in the early 70s, it was also the first firm in Europe to produce containers and lids with labels decorated in several colours for direct insertion into the mould (IML).

Piber Group is composed of 8 companies, with approximately 600 people. Production plants take up a total surface of 250,000 square meters, 52,000 covered. The consolidated turnover is approximately 94 million Euro. 83% of such turnover derive from rigid and semi-rigid activity of plastic packaging, while 4% regard engineering of packaging, 13% services and trading.

The history of these companies has always been and still is a story of people, motivated choices, concrete actions.