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The installation of the textile industry in Pontecurone is due to the Bertollo brothers, who had already taken over the company of Cristoforo Pedemonti in Voghera. The advantageous benefits that the Pontecuronese municipal administration offered to the Bertollo family favored the choice of the Piedmontese town for a new factory. It was built on a project by engineer Rossi in the area overlooking the railway line and inaugurated in 1902. It was a modern construction, in which new cotton spinning and carding systems were introduced.

Industry thrived until the end of the First World War, when economic and market crises began to appear. The Bertollo family decided to sell their plants to the “Cotonificio Bustese” company of Tognella and Schapira; in 1921 the factory will be called “Cotonificio BIR” (Bustese Industrie Riunite). However, that of the textile industry in Pontecurone was a slow and inexorable decline.

In 1981 the factory was taken over by the Piber Group, became “Filatura di Pontecurone” and production could continue until 1997.

Since 2001, the buildings of the large complex have housed the Group’s logistics center.


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