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TRASKRIMPER is a versatile and functional thermosealing machine for the non-stop closure of bags and sacks of different sizes, made of thermosealable materials (including some types of Polypropylene, laminated materials, aluminium and paper). The sealing elements are : a preheater and a couple of knurled reels that guarantee a perfect and uniform seal even in case of packaging having a variable thickness. Both the preheater and the reels are heating and pressing, with an independent thermic regulation, by means of two electronic thermostats; depending on the features of the material to seal, reels having a suitable knurling can be provided. The automatic feed device provided by TRASKRIMPER ensures the conveyance of the packaging to be sealed in upstanding position thus avoiding any risk of product outflow and preventing any physical effort of the operator, TRASKRIMPER can be easily integrated in chain production cycles with possibilities of combining conveyor belts, conveyors, filling machines, etc. TRASKRIMPER can be provided in two versions: T5 and T6. The T5 version is equipped with conveyor belts that presses the upper edges of the packaging to seal and performs the automatic progress in suspension: the maximum unit weight of the packaging to seal is 1 Kg. The T6 version is equipped with conveyor belts combined to a support and progress strip which is adjustable in height: as a result there is the possibility to seal packaging with unit weights lower than 1Kg and higher, up to a maximum of 10 Kg.

– Preheating tunnel with adjustable pressing wall and thermostatic electronic control;
– Knurled sealing reels, heated by internal resistances and with electronic thermostatic control;
– Regulator of reel adherence and pressure;
– Speed non-stop variator;
– Functioning by means of electric motor without maintenance;
– Pressing conveyor belts;
– Conveyor belt progressing in mecha-nical synchronism with belts and sealing reels (only T6);
– Height regulation of the conveyor belt by means of a hand-wheel (only T6);
– Possibility to provide a device for the heat marking of the date, of the batch number, of the packaging code (on demand);
– Possibility to provide an extension with a sliding surface to fasten to the conveyor belt in order to help the store of packaging already sealed (on demand, only T6)

* The a.m. information and features are not binding and can vary according to the containers type and to the product that will be packed inside them, but also according to the gas and vacuum values that you will need to obtain.



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