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The POLIKRIMPER has been recently designed as a result of a long experience in the field of thermowelders for plastic materials and treated papers.
It is compact, solid, easy-to-use and reliable based on heat sealing quality.
The POLIKRIMPER is operated by means of a patented closed-circuit hydraulic systam.
SEMI-AUTOMATIC OPERATION: one sealing cycle which is initiated by an electric pedal and, after a fixed closing time, the plates stop and open up.
Thanks to it being light and compact, the POLIKRIMPER can be placed on any table, easily transported and inclined according to work needs.

POLIKRIMPER TX for cellophane, polypropylene, treated paper, aluminlum, paper.

– Two sealing plates 350 mm long (max sealing 200 mm lenght), with plane teflon treated or knurled surface.
– Heat sealing (constant heat).
– Two transistorized digital thermoregulators to adjust sealing temperature.
– Closed-circuit hydraulic system.
– Digital timer for plate closing.
– Regulation of sealing pressure with digital pressure-pointer.
– Emergency button (immediate plate opening).
– Power supply: 230 Volt single phase.
– Consumption: 900 W.
– Weight: 40 Kg.
– Dimension: 430x570x250 mm.

Regulation of sealing temperature: it is controlled by two transistorized digital thermoregulators, each controls the resistor of one of the two jaws so that there is a complete thermal independence between the jaws.

Regulation of sealing pressure: the sealing pressure can be varied and then kept constant (at a prefixed value) by means of an hydraulic device, which is provided with a pressure-pointer. The actual sealing pressure at the jaw interface can he easily evaluated in Kg/cmq by means of a calibration curve.

Regulation of sealing time: the sealing time is controlled by a high-sensitivity electronic timer and can be exactly calibrated by means of a microswitch, according to the closed-jaw time required by the sealing of the different thicknesses of the materials to be sealed.

Jaws: they are exchangeable and can be grooved either lengthwise or crosswise, but also smooth and polished jaws are available; in this way it is possible to reproduce and to analyse any sealing condition; the sealing surfaces are 200 mm wide and 10 or 15 mm deep.

* The a.m. information and features are not binding and can vary according to the containers type and to the product that will be packed inside them, but also according to the gas and vacuum values that you will need to obtain.


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