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Automatic thermo-sealing in-line machines for high production, suitable for the packing and the sealing of plastic containers for foodstuff by means of thermo-sealing
films. Particularly suitable to be used in the gastronomic and the dairy industry and for the packing of ice cream and desserts. These machines have tough construction and they are made of materials suitable to be used in the food industry.
They can guarantee a high production capacity and they are perfectly adaptable to the specific requirements of any user. Frame structure made of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 by Tig sealing, and parts of their mechanic structure made of ANTICORODAL 6082 T6 with protective anodic covering against corrosion.
The conveyor chains and the alveoli are made of stainless steel INOX AISI 304 following the profile of the container used.
The sealing heads are made with not adhesive coating.
All the thermo-sealing machine functions are managed by PLC programmable logics and on the control console a switchboard enables the definition of the progress speed, the setting of the temperatures, the regulation of the sealing time, the time breaks between a cycle and the following cycle, the film unwinding time.
The standard version of the thermo-sealing machine includes destacker unit, sealing head, horizontal outgo on slide.
Thanks to the servomotor it is possible to set the sealing panels for two container sizes and to make a quick change of size.

OPTIONALS (to be supplied on demand)
These thermo-sealing in-line machines L40-L65 can be equipped on demand with:
– Empty containers destacker;
– Filling units for specific products;
– Volumetric dosers ormassive dosers for liquid or nearly dense products;
– Filling and dosing systems forspecific products;
– Photocell for the centering of the coloured eye-mark of the print-ed film;
– Photocell control at reel end;
– Photocell control for film tear;
– Flowmetricdosage system;
– Ethernet or modem web connection of the machine for remote assis-tance;
– Best before date and packing date printers;
– Lid fitting device;
– Exit conveyorbelt;
– CIP dosers washing;
– Filling zones protected by sterile hoods.

* The a.m. information and features are not binding and can vary according to the containers type and to the product that will be packed inside them, but also according to the gas and vacuum values that you will need to obtain.


L40 / L65

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