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Environment part 3

Piber Group Lampografica division, always sensitive to environmental issues, undertakes to implement and assume all the legislative conditions and regulations in this regard, to adopt a precise and rigorous standard, universally recognized.

An environmental management system describes the processes, procedures and resources through which the company carries out its business, as well as the organizational structure itself, and has the aim of guaranteeing constant control – and where possible an improvement – of connections of production, and of production systems, with the environment.
An in-depth analysis of all the company processes gave rise to a “radiography” of the company, and allowed the compilation of a real environmental manual, where great attention is also paid to raising awareness of the staff employed. In fact, training meetings are planned on environmental issues in order to acknowledge and welcome what is a social responsibility.

Since 1993, the Piber Group has shown attention to the environment with the Piberplast initiative which has implemented a project called “piberecycling” consisting of the recovery of approximately 600,000 kilograms of post-consumer packaging per year. The aforementioned initiative earned the company the “eco-efficient company 2000” award awarded by the Lombardy region to particularly innovative companies that have created significant products or services, processes or systems from the point of view of reducing the environmental impact; Two other important initiatives of the company also pursue the same intent, the certification of purchase of “clean energy” (Pibergroup purchases RECS – Renewable Energy Certificate System) and the adoption of “eco-sustainable pallets” (produced by Palm Spa , are obtained with wood from forests and plantations managed according to the principles of environmental sustainability and protected according to recognized principles; they are PEFC – Program for Endorsement Forest Certification certified).



The Piber Group actively works towards safeguarding the environment also thanks to the use of environmentally friendly pallets.

Piber has joined the innovative project thought up by Palm Spa, aimed at putting into practice the resolutions established by community policies regarding green procurement and green supply chain, particularly focusing on:

– reduction of weight and volume of packaging and of waste products (as is also established in the Legislative Decree Ronchi 22 of 1997)
– the protection and restoration of forests and of biodiversities
– reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (established in the Kyoto protocol)
– non-polluting systems of transport.

The environmentally friendly pallets utilised by the Piber Group are certified in conformity with the “Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes” (PEFC).

Piber is also part of the network of “Environmentally Friendly Societies” that support the concept of green supply chain and whose aim is to promote knowledge and awareness of the social and environmental responsibilities regarding the environment.
The Network aims to make producers and users more aware and sensitive towards pollution problems and towards respect for the environment in the planning and production of products or services.



The choice to support the production of energy from renewable sources (hydro-electrical, wind, photovoltaic, thermal solar energy, geothermal, biogas, tidal and wave movement, fermentation of biological products) leads to a significant reduction of pollution caused by energy production and it helps to preserve natural resources.

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One hectare “grown” of photovoltaic panels is one of the largest installations providing energy from renewable sources. With an area of approximately 11,500 square meters, the photovoltaic installation of PIBERPLAST in Voghera began operations in December 2008, it is the largest in the province of Pavia and the second in Lombardy.
Piberplast solar installation can provide about 700,000 kWh per year and, above all, allows the source, the energy producer, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of around 420 tons.
The peak power available is up to 567 kWp.
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Piber Group has chosen to adopt the European RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) which makes it possible to finance the development of electrical energy production utilising alternative systems that do not use nuclear or fossil fuels.

This means that any plant that produces electrical power derived from renewable sources will receive the RECS certificates in a quantity equal to its production. These certificates, once they are emitted onto the market and sold, become an additional profit for those who contribute to the financing and development of this environmentally friendly activity.

RECS promotes the development of an international market of renewable sources which in turn promotes the diffusion of innovative production systems fuelled by energy from renewable sources. In this way the certificates represent the total benefits available from the production of energy from renewable sources, benefits that cover the whole environmental question, the diversification of energy sources, the reduction of energy dependence of European countries as well as the diffusion of those energy production systems that are considered most valid.

The RECS is a European project created to promote the development, based on a standard certification, of a voluntary, international market of Green Certificate. Currently the RECS system involves more than 170 societies of producers, traders and certification organisations distributed throughout 17 countries.