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(13/03/2019) Kodak Flexo Innovation Award Winners
CR Serigrafia & Esbe (Joint Entry)
Mascarpone Cuisine Royal - Mascarpone Brimi #57 and 58

CR Serigrafia has worked with a number of value chain partners to develop a ground-breaking solution for direct flexo printing on rigid conical plastic containers. Esbe, a leader in producing and printing plastic food trays, is one of these. Esbe had previously used dry offset but it search for new technologies led it to integrate direct-to-container flexo printing into its production lines — the only such machine active in Europe. The benefits include higher print resolution, excellent image quality, faster make-ready time, greater printing speed, superior consistency, 40% reduced ink laydown, elimination of solvents for cleaning and less waste materials.

Kodak Announces Winners of Global Flexo Innovation Awards, Celebrating Transformation of Flexo
Abstract from: "European Plastics Data Report"
(April 2012) Europe's 35 top producers of rigid packaging in 2011 and in 2012
List of 2012 (pdf, 712kb)
List of 2011 (pdf, 766kb)
Abstract from: "Tecniche Nuove" (n° 5 - October 2009) "Piber Group introduces new products: Plastic and board pots for ice cream and yoghurt" (pdf, 470kb)
"SunPower: case study" (August 2009)
A bright company in the sun: Piberplast chooses TecSolis and SunPower modules for its rooftops
Download the article (PDF, 250kb)
"EuPC Focus on Packaging" (November 2008)
Providing EuPC members with a brief overview of EuPC packaging activities and issues
Download the article (PDF, 60kb)
Abstract from: "La rivista del latte" (Lug.-Ago. 2006) "ITX, THE CASE IL CLOSED" (PDF, 2.21mb)
Lampografica company has established an Environmental Management System and very soon it will require the Certification according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 regulation.
See the environmental policy.
(PDF 185Kb Italian text only)
Updating on margarine sector:
"Beurre et margarine: authenticité et légèreté"
Abstract in french from: "Points de Vente"
(n° 960/961- July 2005)
Page 1 (zip/jpg, 1,2mb)
Page 2 (zip/jpg, 1,3mb)
8 JUNE 2005, 11:30
Cup and lid decorations. The different options.
A margarine case.
By Dr. Marco Bergaglio Piber Group S.r.l.
Poster (zip/pdf, 1,05mb)
Programme (zip/pdf, 1,02mb)
Abstract from: "RL la rivista del latte" (05/Nov.-Dec. 2004) "Trays and containers" (zip/pdf, 306kb)
Abstract from: "Oltre" (n°87 May-June 2004) "Soluzioni "chiavi in mano" per l'industria alimentare" (zip/pdf, 1,06mb)
Abstract from: "Le macchine Alipack a Melaverde"
(15 February 2004) (zip/pdf, 307kb)
Abstract from: "Industrie Alimentari" (n°433 February 2004) "Contenitori plastici" (zip/pdf, 505kb)
Piberplast S.p.a. (9 January 2004) "Certificazione di conformità allo standard BRC Packaging" (zip/pdf, 192kb)
Abstract from: "Imballaggio" (n°565 January 2004) "Vaschetta PP per latticini" (zip/pdf, 372kb)
Abstract from: "Basell Dimensions" (n°7 September 2003) "Piberplast - 3 decades of PP packaging"
(zip/pdf, 1,96mb)
Abstract from: "Oltre" (n°82 July-August 2003)
"Dalla foglia al vasetto" (zip/pdf, 492kb)
Abstract from: "I quaderni dell'Aria Compressa"
(June 2003) "Tutti a tavola il cibo è servito"
(zip/pdf, 440kb)
Abstract from: "Oltre" (n°80 March-April 2003)
"La plastica che invoglia" (zip/pdf, 1,04mb)
Abstract from: "Altro consumo" (n°129 July-August 2000) "Cono e vaschetta, delizia perfetta?"
(zip/jpg, 328kb)
Abstract from: "Markup" (June 2000)
"Piberplast ritira in tavola" (zip/jpg, 126kb)
Abstract from: "Italia Imaballaggio" (n°5 May 2000) "Imballaggi ridigi di plastica" (zip/jpg, 176kb)
Abstract from: "Foodindustria" (n°5 March 2000)
"Fior di gusto Lactalis Locatelli. Nuova ricotta di pecora" (zip/jpg, 340kb)
Abstract from: "Il latte" (n°3 March 2000)
"Sullo scaffale, Latte & Yogurt" (zip/jpg, 592kb)
Abstract from: "Imballaggio" (n°522 February 2000) "Delizie di formaggio, delizie di packaging"
(zip/jpg, 496kb)
Abstract from: "Il latte" (n°1 January 2000) "Latte e derivati: il futuro del Packaging" (zip/jpg, 936kb)
Abstract from: "La Provincia Pavese" (mercoledì 8 December 1999) "Premio alla plastica" (zip/jpg, 96kb)
Abstract from: "Italia Imballaggio" (10/99 October 1999) "Vasetti di Yogurt: l'esperienza e le idee di un produttore" (zip/jpg, 456kb)
Abstract from: "Il latte" (n°10 October 1999)
"Ice Appeal" (zip/jpg, 524kb)

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